March 4, 2021

The meeting was held on Zoom because of social restrictions imposed by the pandemic. Twenty members signed up to attend.
1. Janine expressed hopeful plans for 2021 with the idea of having outdoor meetings using social distancing and mask wearing.

2. Janine gave the treasurer’s report for Heidi and communicated that 100% of members have paid their dues totaling $2,300.00 giving us a grand total of $3,946.00 in our treasury.

3. Janine reviewed our past donations to various groups. Cindy Van Cise made the motion to give $1,000.00 to GrowHaus. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

4. Marcia reported that we have 41 active members and 6 Associate members and currently there are 9 open spots for future members.


The requirements for membership are:
• live in Crestmoor Filing 1 or 2 for at least one year
• proposed by 2 active members in writing to membership
• sponsors should know the prospective member for at least one year
• prospective member needs to attend two meetings before she is proposed for membership

Kay Teitelaum, whose sponsors were Heidi Ghisselli and Leslie Stratton, has met all the requirements for membership. Therefore, her sponsors can write letters of recommendation for membership if Kay is interested in joining.

5. Kate asked that members volunteer to host a potential outdoor meeting in 2021.

6. Several possible future meeting ideas were presented.
*Elevate by Design - a landscape designer would present ideas
*swap cuttings in the spring
*Gail’s neighbor is willing to talk about his unique garden
*a progressive tour of various member’s gardens
*Botanic Gardens - depending on their restrictions during the pandemic

7. Beth Ann requested that members send her photos of their gardens to be posted.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi McCalmon

February 4, 2021

The meeting was canceled because of the Covid-19 virus restrictions on social gatherings.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

December 3, 2020

Cindy Van Cise and Jennifer Van Liere, program chairpersons, had arranged for Sherri at the Savory Spice shop to give a presentation via Zoom on December 3rd.  However, the day before the planned Zoom meeting, Sherri canceled.


In order to have some type of virtual holiday gathering, Cindy and Jennifer organized a Zoom meeting for December 17th and a follow-up gift to be delivered to all  members.


There were 16 members signed up to attend the meeting.


At the Zoom meeting, Cindy showed several herbal tinctures from Apothecary Tinctura which is a herb shop where dedicated herbalists create health related potions. More information about the shop can be found on their website apothecarytinctura.com.


Using her creative artistic ability, Cindy then presented several ideas for flower and plant Christmas decor for your home or for gift giving.  After the Zoom meeting, she posted several photos of beautiful seasonal flower arrangements.


The following day, Cindy and Jennifer delivered bags containing a recipe for a gingerbread cake and an abundance of the three spices needed for the cake to all members. Additionally, a mulling spice mix from Apothecary Tinctura was included.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

November 5, 2020

The meeting was canceled because of the Covid-19 virus restrictions on social gatherings.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

October 1, 2020

The meeting was canceled because of the Covid-19 virus restrictions on social gatherings.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

September 3, 2020

The meeting was canceled because of the Covid-19 virus restrictions on social gatherings.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

August 6, 2020

The summer party that was planned for late August was canceled because of the Covid-19 virus restrictions on social gatherings.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

June 4, 2020


The COVID-19 Zoom meeting was hosted by Jennifer Van Liere.  The meeting was called to order and 13 members were present.

1. Janine Armatas announced: The July Summer Party has been put on hold because of the Governor’s ban on gatherings of 50 or more persons. In July, depending on restrictions, a decision will be made to cancel or proceed with the party which is scheduled to be held on August 22nd. In mid July, the Board will decide if each of the meetings in August, September and October will be a Zoom or an in-person meeting.

2. Heidi Robinson gave the financial report which will be sent via email to members. Dues for both active and associate members are $50 and due July 1st. They can be paid by check made out to ‘Crestmoor Park Garden Club’ and mailed or dropped off to Heidi Robinson at 345 Ivanhoe Street Denver 80220 or paid via Venmo - @Heidi-Robinson-11.

Philanthropic Donations
Cindy VanCise made a motion which passed to give our 2019 philanthropic funds of $1.000.00 to Growhaus. The recipient(s) of our 2020 donation will be determined at a future meeting.

3. Since we haven’t had meetings with speakers as well as the stay-at-home directive, it has provided time to work on gardens. Beth Ann Parsons suggested that members send her photos of their gardens to be posted and put in the Memory Book. She will email members with this request.

4. Jennifer Van Liere suggested posting various virtual garden websites and blogs where members could gain information and tips. She also suggested using her driveway as a plant giveaway in the fall when members are thinning out various plantings that could be used by other members to enhance their gardens.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:12.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi McCalmon

May 7, 2020


The May meeting was canceled because of the COVID-19 Virus.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi McCalmon

April 3, 2020


The COVD-19 virus pandemic caused the meeting to be canceled. At the Board meeting on Monday, March 9th the Summer Party was recommended to be rescheduled to August 22nd because of conflicts with Crestmoor Club activities.

Sandi McCalmon

March 5, 2020


Ashley Andrews hosted the meeting with co-hostesses Kim Griggy, Shannon Link and Kristen Seby. There were 20 members present.


Janine led a discussion on the Summer Party arrangements and it was decided that it should be held the first Saturday after Labor Day.  



She also distributed information on a Botanic Garden’s event where Dr. Guggenheim will present a free lecture,“What Oceans Tell Us” on March 10, 2020. Contact Janine if you are interested in attending.


Heidi Robinson stated that, at the April meeting, we need to decide our philanthropic donations for the year. Denise suggested we purchase 10 dinner tickets for the Grow Haus (dates TBA) & give them to members through a lottery. Others could purchase tickets for the same evening or a different night. For more information go to harvestweek.com 


Mike Fedison, head of the horticulture school at Pickens Technology College in Aurora and an expert in growing vegetables and plants in Colorado, presented an informative talk about plants and planting in our region.


  1. The Bionutrient Food Association is studying why the quality of food has gone down each year. He stated that responsible farmers have been replenishing the soil and rotating crops which produces quality produce. Farmers who have not done this, produce lower quality produce. One example Mike gave was that you would need to eat 200 carrots from a low quality farm to get the nutrients that would equal eating 1 carrot from a high quality farm.

  2. Wait until June to plant because of our variable weather patterns. Plus, the temperature of the soil is more important than the air temperature for planting.

  3. Limit your palate to plants that thrive in our high PH soil.

  4. CSU has the Plant Select program which seeks to identify and promote plants that are highly suited to gardens located in Colorado.The nurseries use the tag, Plant Select, to identify such plants. For more information go to www.plantselect.org.

  5. The soil needs to be nutrient rich to produce good produce and plants. Soil can be tested by mailing a sample following the instructions at waypointanalytical.com 

  6. Nurseries have liquid and dry nutrient additives to make soil nutrient rich.

  7. A Cherry tomato plant that has many flowers and shiny leaves is healthy but when it produces fewer flowers and a longer distance on its stem with buds, then it indicates it’s hungry for soil nutrients.

  8. Hail damage can be mitigated by using Agribon which can be purchased on Amazon.

  9. Organic produce and non-organic produce sold in stores are about the same in nutrients and differ only in pesticide use.

  10. The Pickens College plant sale is May 6, 7, & 8 and is located at 6th Ave. and Airport Road.


Mike Fedison

303 344-4910 ext.27764

Fax 303 326-1277


Respectfully submitted,

Sandra McCalmon

February 5, 2020


The meeting was hosted by Denise Gliwa with Kim Griggy, Katie Oravez, Ashley Andrews and Kristen Selby as co-hostesses.

1. Janine called the meeting to ordered and roll was taken via the sigh-up sheet.  There were 23 members present.
She announced two events at Botanic Gardens.
       1. Floribundance fundraiser benefiting Botanic Gardens will be on February 20, 2020 and cost $125.
       2. Dr. Guggenheim will present a free lecture,“What Oceans Tell Us” on March 10, 2020.
Please contact Janine if you have an interest in attending one or both events.


She also stated that there was one member who has not paid dues and there is a fund available for any member who is not financially able to afford dues.


Janine made known a request from some members that we eliminate the one-year living in Crestmoor rule for joining CPGC and said the Board will review it.


2. Jennifer Van Liere introduced Terry Rudolph, Landscape Designer/Architect and owner of Alternative Landscape Design, who shared his company's creative philosophy and discussed their design process that encourages client participation.

3. Terry focused on five ideas when looking for a landscaped designer.
     1. Do your homework and have a list of what you want and a budget in mind.
     2. Get to know the designer and understand their company and what they do.  For instance, do they specialize in        residential or commercial and also request references.

3. Understand the difference between a landscape architect and a gardner.  Hardscape represents inanimate objects designed by the landscape architect and the gardener deals with the softscape which includes flowers and plantings.

4. Value your designer and expect fair pricing for quality work.

5. Communicate effectively with your landscape architect and gain a sense of the relationship.

On request, Terry mentioned three nurseries that offer quality plantings:
Jame’s Nursery
Southwest Gardens

Terry’s information:
www.alternativelanddesign.com terry@alternativelanddesign.com
T 303-433-4828 M 720-291-5305
5715 W 11th Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214

Respectfully submitted,
Sandi McCalmon

December 5, 2019


The Christmas Holiday Tea was hosted by Robin Rasure.  Mandi Buche, Karen Carr, Kate Lively, Beth Ann Parsons, Heidi Robinson, Leslie Stratton, and Jennifer Van Liere served as co-hostesses.  There were 37 members who enjoyed an array of special refreshments in a festive atmosphere.

Respectfully submitted, Sandi McCalmon

November 7, 2019

The meeting was hosted by Jane Tannenbaum with co-hostesses Lynn Bruce, Marcia Cutler, and Shan Burchenal.

1. Heidi Robinson, treasurer, gave the following report:
     * Balance of $3811.01 ($2550.00 dues collected)
     * Last year’s donations
          $450 to Growing Colorado Kids
          $50 to Colorado Achievement Academy
          $500 to The GrowHaus
     * Funds for Christmas tea increased from $250 to $350

2. Roll was taken via sign-up sheet and 20 members were present.

3. Janine Armatas, president, reported that we have 43 members. She read a note from Allie Wells expressing a thank you for the flowers we sent in sympathy for the loss of her husband.  It was also noted that Karen Hansen requested to become Associate.

4. Beth Ann Parsons, historian,  stated that the membership directory is up to date on the website .  Also, a link to sign up for the remaining  co-hostesses positions needed for May, June and August is located in the Announcements in the Membership section.  

5. Neal McCormick, mixologist & bartender for Dio Mio Restaurant presented fun entertaining ideas for holiday cocktails and included a few useful tips as well as small tastings of a Brandy Alexander and a Classic Rum Punch.

Program Notes:
     * Basic Rule to shake or stir cocktails
          all spirits and no citrus - STIR
          spirits and citrus or other juices - SHAKE
     * Plan 1 & 1/2 to 2 & 1/2 drinks per guest & always have a red & a white wine. There are about 5 pours to each bottle.
     * Make a flavored simple syrup by adding fresh herbs to hot water & soak & then remove & add sugar to dissolve in            a boil.
     * When making mixed drinks, use a medium priced liquor.
     * Useful websites
          talesofthecocktail.com for hiring a bartender or hire Neal @ 303-358-6729
          cocktailkingdom.com for functional barware

Respectfully submitted, Sandi McCalmon

October 3, 2019

The meeting was hosted by Heidi Ghiselli and Co-hosted by Cindy VanCise, Heidi Robinson, and Sandi McCalmon.


1. President, Janine Armatas, called the meeting to order and roll was taken via the sign-in sheet and there were 24 members present including two guests. Janine informed members of the loss of Allie Wells’s husband, Carl. Members will be alerted to the date and time of services.


2. Heidi Robinson reported that all but two members have paid dues.


3. Marcia Cutler read Sidney Jackson’s request to become an associate member and gave a membership update.


4. Denise Gliwa urged members to take their new 2019-2020 Membership booklets, which were available at the meeting.


5. Megan Iacino introduced her guest, Lizzi Beyer and Heidi Ghiselli’s guest, Kay Teitelbaum attended her second meeting.


6. Kate Lively stated that there were several hostess and co-hostess positions that remain open and need to be filled.


7. Jennifer Van Liere and Cindy Van Cise started the high-tech power point program by introducing, Matt Giver from LivWell, the nation’s leading cannabis company, who remotely gave a presentation on Cannabis.


Matt related a brief history of cannabis dating back to the first recorded medical use in 2,737 BC by a Chinese  emperor to the present where 29 states have legislated its use for medical or recreational use. He then talked about cannabinoids which include THC (psychoactive effects), CBD (medicinal benefits), CBG (sleep aid), and THC-V (appetite suppressant). Terpenes, which give cannabis the flavor, smell, and medicinal benefits, were discussed along with creating non-flower cannabis products through extractions. Cannabis products include flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals. During the Q&A, Matt said that doctors cannot prescribe but can recommend cannabis and the prices for medical and recreational only differ because the latter is taxed at a higher rate.  Online cannabis purchases are not regulated but retail outlets are highly regulated. A 2015 lawsuit was dismissed because of LivWell’s long discontinued use of Eagle 20 pesticide.  Some studies have shown that cannabis is not necessarily a gateway to the use of illegal drugs. More information can be found at www.livwell.com

Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

September 5, 2019

Our September program was a tour at the Denver Botanical Gardens, 1007 York Street, Denver 80206.  The meeting was hosted by Karen Zimmerman with co-hostesses, Susan Wallner, Natalie Blumenthal and Linda Graham. 

Janine called the meeting to order and the roll-call using the check-in list was taken by Jennifer Van Liere. Twenty members were present.  


Janine made the following announcements:


  1. Membership dues ($50) need to be made and 15 members are past due. Please remit to Heidi Robinson at 345 Ivanhoe Street 80220.

  2. Kate Lively will be sending the sign-up for Meeting Host and Co-Hostess via Sign-up Genie in the next few weeks.

  3. Our updated Directory will be distributed in October, please send in corrections, email addresses, etc, to Denise Gliwa. 

  4. Marcia Cutler reported we have 45 Members and 8 Associate Members. A request was made to add Board positions titles to the name tags.

  5. Heidi Ghiselli introduced her guest and new neighbor, Kay Teitelbaum.

  6. Dan Johnson provided an inclusive tour of the Gardens and also answered gardening questions, such as plant selection, fall planting, watering and garden design. 


About Dan….


Dan Johnson, Curator of Native Plants and Associate Director of Horticulture, has been at the Gardens since 1996. Though much of his focus is on xeric and native plants and naturalistic design, his work has included all corners of the Gardens. 


His horticultural exploration has included all four of the world’s Steppe regions and beyond, including the western US, South Africa, Argentina, Spain and Pakistan.

These travels have focused on finding unusual and underused native plants for trial in Colorado’s rigorous climate. His forays to similar regions of the world help further broaden the palette of plants suitable for western gardens. 

He has created some of the most beautiful and self-sustaining gardens here at the Gardens.

   7.  The October 3rd meeting will be hosted by Heidi Ghiselli at 401 Ivanhoe Street.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Van Liere for Sandi McCalmon

June 6, 2019

The June “business”and social meeting was hosted by Missy Eliot with co-hostesses Rose Wiedenmayer, and Sidney Jackson.  Roll was taken via sign-in sheet and 21 members were present. 

Shannon Link reminded us that $50 dues payable to CPGC should be paid by June 30th. (The dues should be sent to treasurer, Heidi Robinson, at 345 Ivanhoe Street 80220) .


Susan Wallner expressed concern over the noise and air pollutants created by the leaf blowers used by lawn care services.


There is no meeting in July and the summer party will be held at Rosie Wiedenmayer’s home in September in lieu of the August meeting.


Respectfully submitted,

Sandi McCalmon

May 2, 2019
The meeting was Hosted by Janine Armatas with Co-Hostesses, Karen Hanson, Karen Carr and Megan Fante. Kristin Baker called the meeting to order and roll-call using the check-in list was taken by Jennifer Van Liere.  Twenty-seven (27) members were present.


Kristen gave a brief business report and announced that the June meeting will be a business meeting. She then presented the Nominating
Committee’s slate of the new incoming Garden Club Board, as follows:
President- Janine Armatas
Treasurer Heidi Robinson
Programs-Jennifer Van Liere and Cindy Van Cise
Corresponding Secretary- Gail Hommertzaheim
Membership- Marcia Cutler
Hostess Book- Kate Lively
Recording Secretary- Sandi McCalmon
Historian- Beth Ann Parsons


A motion was made, and second to vote via voice on the 2019-2021 Crestmoor Park Garden Club Board Officers. The Motion was approved.  The officers shall be installed and assume the duties of their respective office in June.  Kristen then graciously thanked each of the outgoing officers of the Board, noting their contributions and commitment.


Jennifer Van Liere (for Ashley Andrews) passed out Hostess and Co-hostess sign-up sheets for the remaining 2019 monthly programs, the Summer Party and the Holiday Tea.  Additionally, a Programs Survey was distributed by Jennifer and Cindy Van Cise, as incoming Programs Officers.  They requested the present members complete at the meeting, and that members not at the meeting, would have the opportunity to provide their input via email distribution.


A program was provided by Kathryn HoKamp, the Lepidopterist at the Butterfly Pavilion, where she cares for butterflies and moths around the world. Before moving to Colorado, Catherine was a butterfly entomologist at the Cockrell Butterfly Center in the Houston Museum of Natural Science.  Kathryn enthusiastically shared her love for work, and the importance of pollinators such as the wind, bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, and even mice. She helped us understand the process of pollination.  Additionally, she noted specific flowering plants/shrubs that we can include our yards and gardens to help these pollinators.

The June meeting will be Hosted by Missy Eliot, Ivy Lane, co-hostesses Rosie Wiedenmayer, and Sidney Jackson.

April 4th, 2019

The meeting was hosted by Stacy McHugh with co-hostesses, Shannon Link, Kimberly Evans, and Kris Uhl. Heidi Giselli (for Kristin Baker) called the meeting to order and the roll-call using the check-in list was taken by Jennifer Van Liere. Twenty (20) members were present. 

1.  Heidi reported our current financial report, with a balance of $3036. She then followed up on an item from the last meeting. Denise Gliwa had presented Growing Colorado Kids as an excellent organization to receive a donation from our club. Heidi motioned to donate $450 to Growing Colorado Kids and this was approved by the members present. 

2.  Heidi reported on the current status of the nominations for board positions (officers). She enthusiastically shared and thanked Janine Armatas, who is slated to be our next President. The slate of nominates will be presented and voted on at the May meeting.

3.  An interesting program was provided by certified Clinical Herbalist, Erin Hattler. She presented information on kitchen herbs and wild weeds.  She discussed different types of plants and their nutritional/healing benefits. Erin also provided her recipes Spruce Seasoning Salt (using fur or pine tips) and Nettle Pesto. Additionally, she shared the recipe for Fir Cider, a traditional folk cold and flu remedy. As a certified community herbalist, flower essence therapist, and body-worker, Erin is dedicated to helping women and athletes to solve their greatest health problems and empowering them to step outside of mental and emotional constructs.

4.  The May 2nd meeting will be hosted by Janine Armatas at 15 Ivy Lane with co-hostesses, Karen Hanson, Karen Carr and Megan Fante.  

March 7th, 2019

The meeting was hosted by Rosie Wiedenmayer, with co-hostess, Kate Lively, Kristin Seby, and Meghan Iacino. Kristin Baker called the meeting to order and roll-call using the check-in list taken by Jennifer Van Liere. Seventeen(17) members were present. 

1. Shannon Link provided a Treasurer’s report. She discussed the need to better define the club’s budget allocations, noting the major areas of: Operating Expenses, Holiday Tea, Summer/Annual Party, Programs and Charitable donations. She provided a Budget Analysis Summary with handouts on our past and current financials. After some discussion, Shannon moved (?) to use our “reserve” funds to continue to meet the group’s business needs, programs costs and philanthropic donations on an as needed basis. 


2. Kristin reported on the current Nominating Committee, whose responsibility is to present nominations for board positions (officers) who are qualified and willing to serve for the next two years. This committee of Kristin Baker, Heidi Ghiselli, and Denise Gilwa shall present nominations for officers for a vote at the May meeting. Kristin encouraged any members who are interested in being on the Board to let a member of this committee know.  


3. An interesting program on Native Plants was presented by Janet Manning. Janet is an avid gardener with many years of experience in Colorado.  She is a volunteer at the Denver Botanical Gardens and ………. She shared the importance and role of Colorado's native plants and the benefits of adding them to our own gardens. She referenced the book by Douglas Tallamy, Nature of Home:You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants. Benefits of native plants include less watering/pesticides, hardiness and the beautiful addition of many forms of wildlife such as variety of birds, hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. She provided a photo presentation of many native plants that could be added to our gardens, such as: Big Tooth Sugar Maple, Serviceberry, Choke Cherry, Golden Current Gooseberry, Bear Berry ground cover and Butterfly Weed. A list of reference books and websites was emailed to our membership. 


4. The April 4th meeting will be hosted by Stacy McHugh with co-hostess,Shannon Link, Kimberly Evans, and Kris Uhl. 

February 7th, 2019

The meeting was hosted by Honey Goldberg, with co-hosts, Linda Graham and Lynn Bruce. Jennifer Van Liere, Recording Secretary, called the meeting to order and then provided roll-call using the check-in list. Seventeen(17) members were present. 

1.  Shannon Link provided a Treasurers report. She discussed the need to better define the club’s budget allocations, noting the major areas of: operating expenses, Holiday tee, Summer/Annual Party, programs and charitable donations. After a brief discussion, the suggestion was made to survey (tool such as Survey Monkey) the membership for ideas and opinions regarding how the Club’s funds (all from membership dues) should be more clearly allocated, as well as defining possible uses for surplus funds. The membership will be presented this survey results and the opportunity to vote on the allocation distribution of funds at an upcoming meeting. 


2. Jennifer requested volunteers for the Nomination committee.This committee Denise Gilwa, presented her name along with new member Galimarie Berquist.


3. The Program, The 101 Crash Course on the Home Orchid Culture, was presented by Andrew Hatch. He discussed following topics: what an orchid is (botanically speaking); how to grow orchids in the home; selecting orchids; common orchid aliments and repotting and watering orchids.

Andrew shared a presentation that was emailed out to the membership for reference. 


4. The March 7th meeting will be hosted by Rosie Wiedenmayer, with co-hostess, Kate Lively, Kristin Seby, and Meghan Iacino. 

November 1st, 2018

The meeting was hosted by Bev Melnychenko, with Co-Hosts, Denise Gilwa, Karen Zimmerman, Heidi Robinson and Leslie Stratton. Kristin Baker, our President, called the meeting to order and roll-call using the check-in list was taken by Jennifer Van Liere. Twenty (27) members were present.

1.  Kristin discussed our need to review possible organizations as recipients of club donation money. Denise Gilwa presented Growing Colorado Kids…..The mission of Growing Colorado Kids is to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and provide experiential learning opportunities for refugee youth through organic farming. Denise discussed her involvement and shared her enthusiasm for this organization’s great work for these children.  


2.  Shannon Link was unable to attend the meeting and provide a Treasures report. Kristen noted that a report on our club financials (spending, etc) will be presented by Shannon at the February meeting. 


3.  Reference letters where read for Gailmarie Berquist, followed by a vote to add her as a new member to our garden club.


4.   The Holiday Tea will be November 29th and will be held at the home of Kimberly Griggy at 7 Ivy Lane, with Co-Hosts: Kate Oravez, Ashley Andrews, Jennifer Van Liere, and Marcia Cutler.


The “Hight-lighting a Member” Program was provided by member, Jennifer Van Liere. 

Jennifer presented ideas for holiday tablescapes and mantels, along with a demonstration of arranging a floral centerpiece. She began by discussing the process of foraging/gathering and “bringing the beauty of the outdoors” into your holiday home decorating. A key point was that gathering plant material can add beautiful colors, textures and interest to decorations for tablescaping, mantels and floral arrangements.  She gave examples of the gathering she had done from her own yard from flowering bushes, such as the lovely oak leaf hydrangea and the numerous deciduous and evergreen trees in our neighborhood. Jennifer then demonstrated her steps in creating a thanksgiving table floral centerpiece, with the following considerations: container selection and preparation, adding base foliage/filler, the selection of flowers, colors, “hero or star” flowers, and the design and balance of the arrangement.  She also described a holiday mantel decoration at the hostess’ home and provided a slideshow on a variety of holiday decorating ideas.

October 4th, 2018

The meeting was hosted by Jane Tannenbaum, with Co-Hosts: Susan Waller and Shan Burchenal. Kristin Baker, our President, called the meeting to order and roll-call using a check-in list was taken by Cindy Van Cise. Twenty (20) members were present.  Kristin thanked the Host and Co-hosts of the recent Summer Party for their hard work and a wonderful evening.  She also asked the membership to please come to the November meeting with suggestions for future donations, beyond our commitment to Grow Haus.


  1. A Membership Booklet edit were distributed by Denise Gliwa, as follows:

    Karen Hansen: kthansen48@gmail.com

    Denise Gliwa: dgliwa@comcast.net

    Lynnetta Windsor: lynnette.winsor@gmail.com 

    Gail Hommertzheim: ghommer7@gmail.com 


2. Shannon provided a Treasures report, with the club balance being $3,694.89


3. Two guests, Patty Brandes and Gailmarie Berquist were introduced as potential new members.


4.  The meeting in November, will be held at home of Bev Melnychenko, with Co-Hosts: Denise Gilwa, Karen Zimmerman, Heidi Robinson and Leslie Stratton. 


The Program was provided by Nina Roumell of GrowHaus. Nina gave an overview of the non-profit organization’s mission……

The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver's Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  Our vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and our mission is to create a community-driven, neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic opportunity.

Nina shared information about their facility and a number their programs. The GrowHaus outreach training programs ”Upworthy” includes topics such as, “How to plant in bad soil”. She also discussed the free distribution of food through the partnership with the Denver Food Exchange, which delivers food at no cost to those in need and cannot make to the facility. 

Nina thanked our Garden Club for our commitment and support of GrowHaus through donations, volunteering and sponsorship. 

September 6th, 2018

The meeting was hosted by Elaine Harms, with co-hosts, Liz Callendar, Missy Eliot and Caroline Baker. Kristin Baker, our President, called the meeting to order and roll-call using a check-in list was taken by Jennifer Van Liere. Thirty (30) members were present.


A number of announcements were made by Kristin and other members:

1. Lorraine Weissman, the Host of our upcoming Garden Party (Sept. 15th) reminded the members of the change of location. She also announced the “Fiesta” theme, with Mexican food and a casual feel. 

2. Kristin discussed a GrowHaus fall fund raising event scheduled for October 7-11th and encouraged members to support and attend. Tickets for the GrowHaus’ fall fundraiser are can be purchased at harvestweek.com and are $85. This event sells out fast, so if a group/menber is planning to go, buy your tickets soon. Kristin planning to attend on Wednesday, October 10th and would for other members to join her. 

3. Three guests, Ann Bailey, Gailmarie Berquist, and Adrienne Cutilletta were introduced as potential new members.

4. Kate Oravez presented Gail Hommertzheim, Beth Ann Parsons and Lynette Windsor as new members. She read their letters of recommendation and all were voted into our membership.  

5.  The meeting in October will be held at  home of Jane Tannenbaum, with co-hosts, Susan Wallner and Shan Burchenal. 


The Program was provided by Jodi Torpey, owner of Western Gardners, writer, author and speaker. Jodi is an award-winning vegetable gardener, master gardener, and founder and editor-in-chief of WesternGardeners.com. She discussed the interesting and fun topic of Foodscaping: Growing Food and Flowers Together. She presented four easy steps to transform an ordinary landscape into an incredible edible garden. Step one: Getting Started, included how to integrate edible plants into flowerbeds, substituting edible plants for ornamentals and the process of redecorating the landscape. Step Two: Use Basic Design Concepts, included balancing the garden plants, having a plan with a focal point and the use of color creativity.

Step Three: Create a Roadmap, outlined making a drawing for  practical Beautiful garden, to avoid making mistakes and to match plants with similar needs such as sunlight versus shade and watering requirements. Step Four: Select Fruits and Vegetables and Herbs, adding to your flowers landscape. Jody emphasized selecting plans that are ornamental visually interesting, fast maturing high-yielding with a variety of uses.


She’s a gardening instructor for an international audience through her Craftsy online class and a contributing editor for Fine Gardening Magazine’s vegetable growing website (VegetableGardener.com). Jodi lives and gardens in Denver, Colo., where she organizes the annual Plant a Row for the Hungry campaign.



You can keep in touch with Jody at: Jodi@WesternGardeners.com.

June 5th, 2018

The meeting was hosted by Jennifer Van Liere, co-hosted by Cindy VanCise and Janet Warren. Twelve (12) members were present.  A flower arranging workshop was taught by Plum Sage Florist.  Members paid $45 to participate and brought their own vase and floral shears.  

May 3rd, 2018

The meeting was hosted by Liz Callendar, co-hosted by Heidi Robinson, Lorraine Weissman and Shannon Link. Kristin Baker, our President, called the meeting to order and roll call was taken by Kate Oravez. Twenty-three (23) members were present.

A number of announcements were made by Kristin and other members:

1. Shannon announced our account balance of $1700.

2.We had three guests for the meeting. Heidi Robinson introduced Gayle Hommertzheim. Kate Orvez introduced Beth Ann Parsons and Lynetta Windsor.

3. Kristin provided a report of the GrowHaus tour in April. The tour was attended by six members, given by the executive director, Nathan Mackenzie. During the tour, we observed people shopping in the market, volunteers packaging healthy food, students from the Escuela de Guadalupe learning in the GrowOasis and farmers were harvesting heads of lettuce from the hydroponic and aquaponic gardens for local restaurateurs. Nathan expressed his gratitude for the Club’s support and passed along links/information to a few of the items he mentioned during our tour, listed below: 


    •    Our Roots to Health Seedling Sales are happening on May 12 and 19. 

    •    Tambien is the monthly-giving membership program that supports The GrowHaus' mission

    •    Volunteer opportunities are listed here.

    •    Upcoming workshops include vermicomposting and home mushroom growing.


4.  She also reminded members of the change of date for the June meeting to Tuesday, June 5th at Jennifer Van Liere’s home, 5 Ivy Lane. The program will be hands-on flower arranging by Plum Sage florists. Please sign-up 2 weeks prior, cost $45 (includes instruction, one arrangement for member and child/guest, member should bring own vase).  


The Program was provided by Mervi Hjelmtoos-Koski, a pollinator expert from the Denver botanical gardens. She discussed the Cultivating Minds and Landscapes for Pollinators and explained strategies for protecting and managing land to support pollinators in Colorado. This included the historical study of pollination and her work over the years. Merri explained the process of pollination that occurs in several ways. People can transfer pollen from one flower to another but most plants are pollinated without any help from people. Animals such as bees, butterflies, moths, flies and hummingbirds are pollinators. She also shared public health issues such as allergies and asthma studies. She gave us an understanding of pollination and the remarkable substance, pollen and why it is essential for the survival of most plants.