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CPGC Bylaws

updated August 2017



Article I


Section 1.  The name of this organization shall be the Crestmoor Park Garden Club.


Article II


Section 1.  The object of this club shall be to stimulate, promote and encourage the study of horticulture, flower arrangements, all phases of home gardening, and anything pertaining to the beautification of Crestmoor Park, First and Second Filings, in the City of Denver.

Section 2.  To cooperate with State and Local organizations interested in protecting and conserving our natural resources.


Article III

Membership and Dues

Section 1.  Any person interested in the objects of this Club who has been a resident of Crestmoor Park, First or Second Filings, for at least one year and who is a member of either of the Crestmoor Park Home Associations is eligible for membership.

Section 2.  The membership shall consist of three classes- Active, Honorary, and Associate.  

Section 3.  Active members are those who attend regular and special meetings, vote and hold office.

Section 4.  Honorary membership may be conferred by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors on any member unable to be active but wishing to remain on the active membership.

Section 5.  An active member in good standing of at least 10 (ten) years may request in writing to change status to Associate.  Associate members pay regular dues and are invited to all regular meetings as well as the Holiday Tea and Summer Party but may not vote of hold office.  They are excused from the regular meeting and hostess requirements but will still receive and are expected to reply to all meeting notifications as appropriate.

Section 6.  Should a member voluntarily resign, and at a later date decide to return to membership, her name will be placed at the end of the current waiting list.

Section 7.  Should a member move out of Crestmoor Park, she may retain her membership as long as she desires as long as she fulfills her membership obligations.

Section 8.  This club shall be limited to fifty (50) Active members.

Section 9.  All recommendations for membership shall be proposed in writing and dated by two Active members.  The sponsor should also explain the guidelines of the Club to the Prospective member.  Each sponsoring member shall write a personal and individual letter and present it the Third Vice President who, in turn, shall consider and report its recommendations to the Club for action.  Prospective members shall be well known to both of their sponsors for at least one year and attend two (2) meetings as guests before a recommendation is written.  Three dissenting votes (character disapproval) by either the Board of the Club will disqualify the applicant for membership.  The Membership Chairman shall send a note of welcome to each accepted applicant and inform the sponsoring members that they should bring her to the next meeting.  They, in turn, shall introduce her to the group.

Section 10.  All active members failing to attend three (3) meetings without an adequate excuse deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors shall be dropped from membership and so informed by the Recording Secretary.

Section 11.  The annual dues of the Crestmoor Park Garden Club are due July 1st of each year.  Dues not paid by September 1st are subject to a late fee determined by the Board.  Members who join during the year will pay prorated dues.



Officers and Duties

Section 1.  The officers of this club shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Historian.

Section 2.  No officer shall hold more than one elected office at the same time.

Section 3.  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Nominating Committee, shall call meetings of the Board of Directors, appoint all Chairmen of Standing and Special Committees, with approval of the officers and perform all other duties pertaining to this office.

Section 4.  The Vice Presidents, in their order, shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President, at her request.

Section 5.  The First Vice President shall make program arrangements for each meeting.

Section 6.  The Second Vice President shall be I charge of arranging for all hostesses and co-hostesses for all regular meetings.

Section 7.  The Third Vice President shall accept all recommendations for membership, keep chronological list of such recommendations and present them to the Board of Directors for approval.  It shall be her duty to inform candidates and their sponsors of their election to membership.  She will provide nametags for each member and guest at regular meetings.

Section 8.  The Recording Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors.

Section 9.  The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to all correspondence of the Club, send out notices of meetings, keep current list of members’ addresses and telephone numbers and assist the Recording Secretary when necessary.  She shall send greeting, notes of sympathy, etc. to members and their families when indicated.  She shall send invitations to Associate members for all special events, and to the Past Presidents for the Christmas Tea.  She shall arrange a memorial contribution to the Denver Botanic Gardens, or charity of the family’s choice, in the name of a deceased member.

Section 10.  The Treasurer shall collect all money due the Club, shall notify members in arrears January 4th of each year, pay all bills as may be authorized by the Board of Directors, shall make a Financial Statement at each meeting of the Board of Directors and an annual report at the regular June meeting.

Section 11.  The Historian shall keep the club Scrapbook current for the year.



Board of Directors

Section 1.  All Elective officers and the immediate Past President shall constitute the Board of Directors.

Section 2.  The Board of Directors shall manage all business of the Club and shall fill the vacancies occurring among officers for the unexpired term by majority vote.

Section 3.  When an elected member of the Board of Directors or committee chairman fails to perform the duties of the office or position, the Board of Directors may declare the office or chairmanship vacant.

Section 4.  The meeting of the Board of Directors shall be held on call of the President or the request of three officers.

Section 5.  Five (5) members shall constitute a quorum.




Section 1.  The President shall in March appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three members of whom at least two shall not be members of the Board of Directors.  At the meeting in April, this committee shall present nominations for officers and shall have ascertained that the nominees are qualified and willing to serve if elected.

Section 2.  Following the report of the Nominating Committee, nominations shall be invited from the floor.

Section 3.  Nominations shall be by ballot except when there is one nominee, when voting may be via voice.  The President Elect shall appoint all committees before May first.  The officers shall be installed and assume the duties of their respective duties of their respective offices in June.



Standing Committees

Section 1.  The printing committee shall attend to all printing and advertising ordered by the Board of Directors, assemble copy for the Yearbook and have same printed and delivered to the Treasurer.




Section 1.  Regular Meetings of the Club shall be held on the first Thursday of each month except January and July.  When the regular meeting day falls on a holiday or an emergency arises, such meetings may be postponed or cancelled upon order of the President or Board of Directors.

Section 2.  Special meetings shall be held on call of the President and two officers.

Section 3.  The annual meeting shall be held the first Thursday in June for the purpose of rendering annual reports and the installation of officers by a Past President.

Section 4.  Seven (7) members of the Club shall constitute a quorum at all regular or special meetings.

Section 5.  All Past Presidents still residing in the Metropolitan Area but no longer members of the Club, are to be invited to the Christmas Tea.

Section 6.  Guest privileges shall be at the discretion of the hostess of the day.



Parliamentary Authority

Section 1.  Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (Scott, Forseman & Company, 1970), shall govern on such matters as may not be governed by the above By-Laws.




Section 1.  These By-Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Club by a Two-thirds (2/3) vote of those present, provided that proposed amendments have been recommended by the Board of Directors, and that the notice of said amendments has been sent to each Active member prior to the meeting.



I.  The order of business for the meeting of the Board of Directors shall be:

  • Roll Call

  • Minutes

  • President’s Report

  • Financial Report by Treasurer

  • Unfinished Business

  • New Business

  • Communications

  • Bills

  • Report

  • Miscellaneous Matters

  • Adjournment


II.  The orders of business for the meeting of the Club shall be as follows:

  • Roll Call

  • Minutes

  • Reports and Announcements

  • Business Committee

  • Program

  • Adjournment


III.  Presidents Special Committee:  Special Committee Chairmen, such as those needed for planning workshop activities, flower shows and garden tours, and as Representatives to Crestmoor Association First-Filing and Crestmoor Park Association Second-Filing are to be appointed by the President as the need arises.


IV.  Sponsors of Accepted members should write them a note of welcome, offer to bring them to the next meeting and introduce them to the group.


V.  Members will call or email the Corresponding Secretary to let her know whether or not she is coming by the Monday before the meeting.  If a Member knows that she will miss several meetings due to another commitment or travel plans she is also asked to email or call the Corresponding Secretary.  The Corresponding Secretary will then forward the lists of Members who are coming to the hostess and the list of those who are not to the Recording Secretary.


VI.  Each Member must serve as hostess or co-hostess once during the Club year.  Those who have not volunteered before the August meeting to serve during the following year will be assigned a date and if it is not satisfactory it will be their own responsibility to exchange with someone for a satisfactory date.


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